Friday, April 19, 2019

A comparative evaluation of the impact of culture on customers' Essay

A comparative evaluation of the impact of floriculture on customers behaviour - Essay Exampleis imperative for international marters to treat culture as a mental image that impacts on a broad scope of specific attitudes, which consequently, determine the way consumers measure options in the product or service categories. The holiday season presents an exciting period for both descent to business (B2B) and business to consumers (B2C) organisations alike. Being a high stake and high volume season, businesses finalise their budgets for the future year and stock up on new products, while consumers buy gifts and gadgets. Studies have proven that shoppers legislate more on the holiday market, but businesses cannot make a lasting impact on the market by simply seeking to sell and make profits if they do not consider the ethnical aspects of customers (Alam 2006, p. 235). This paper will analyse and discuss the way cultural factors affect customer behaviour and preferences in the holida y market and also compare and contrast the UK culture with that of China. Finally, it will give specific recommendations on a relevant merchandising mix for each country.As the adult male becomes more globalised, consumers tend to larn the same needs and preferences and some business organisations may wrongly produce goods and use the same marketing techniques among all its international customers. Notable researches conducted have shown that there are tangible differences between cultures around the world and also among citizens of the same nation (Arnould & Thompson 2005, p. 871). Marketers often overwhelm customers with communication on different brands over the holiday market, which does not necessarily translate into effective communication with the target market. Customers behaviour is manifested in the way organisations, groups and individuals select, accomplish and dispose of ideas, experiences, services and products to satisfy their needs. When marketers acquaint themsel ves with customer behaviour, they also get to learn their decision-making processes and how they are

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