Friday, April 26, 2019

A Vision of Collaboration and Scholarly Community Research Paper

A Vision of Collaboration and Scholarly Community - Research Paper Example all stakeholders, including representatives of the parents, teachers, administration, the mesa members, and the educational leaders should develop a mutual consensus to develop a shared mental imagery statement. For example, a survey should be conducted to know the demands and pot of the parents. In the survey, the parents should reveal what they want from the educational institute, as well as their viewpoints about the learning environment. Similarly, teachers representatives should also be interviewed to know their viewpoints about the creation of an interactional teaching and learning environment, as well as to get their viewpoints about the ultimate goal of the institute. Moreover, the board members should also reveal what they want to achieve and the rooms to achieve those goals. For example, if they want to move the institute to the upside ranks and through providing quality education to the studen ts, then their vision statement should read like To be the postmortem provider of education through the highest quality of learning and teaching standards.After knowing the viewpoints of all stakeholders, a focused group discussion should be arranged in which the educational leader should put send on the viewpoints of all stakeholders on the table for discussion, analysis, and creation of a shared vision on which all stakeholders should agree. This is the way through which an educational leader can be successful in creating a shared vision among the stakeholders of the institute.

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