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Has Affirmative Action had any positive results Should the policy be Essay

Has Affirmative Action had any verifying results Should the policy be abandoned - Essay ExampleIn the real sense, Bacchi (1996) indicates that the women and other marginalized groups argon the about affected by discriminatory practices in organizations. It is in this light, as a result, that there is need to wanton sure that a straightlaced rationale is effected to ensure that exclusively persons in the workplace are handled as equally essential, and that all are represented well in the workplace. In addition, Crosby et al. (2006) are of the opinion that, favorable legal action allows for provision of equal opportunity of all persons, especially in terms of employment, promotion, and opening to opportunities of attaining higher education. However, Fairclouch (2001) and Martin (2001) warn that it is vital to assess to what extent secernment and bias prevails in an organization, and if promotion of comparison is workable for all institutions. This is to mean that policy make rs must be wary of this fact, and apply a proper guideline in the quest to provide equal treatment of all. This paper shall attempt to assess if affirmative action has yielded any positive results, and if not, whether it would be advised to abandon the policy. Positives of the affirmative action With an increase in the groups championing for the rights of the minority groups, notable the girl-child and the persons with special needs, it is unornamented that though the world has not created a leveled playing reasonableness for all the interested parties, the cases of discrimination need reduced greatly (Pincus, 2003). In the world to twenty-four hours, the women for instance have been extremely vocal when it comes to them fighting for their rights in the law courts, g all overnment, and the social world amongst others. It is at this point of transmission line that we would argue that there has been a great change from the naive, apprehensive and misguided woman to the modern day woman. A good example is Tyra of the Tyra Banks Show. This is to mean that the women are slowly gaining a prestigious position in the confederation that was once overshadowed by the prowess of the men. From the work of Bacchi (1996), the new woman can be certain as a product of affirmative action in the society. Through this action, the women have been given opportunities in the government they have also been consulted prior to making any form of decisions that touch on the society amongst other leadership roles. Despite the numerous debates on the move by women groups to claim position in the society that they are indeed poor decision makers and are only fit for odd jobs, it is evident through the women leaders that there is a great likelihood that women might completely take over in the society. In the argument of Rabe (2001), though affirmative action has been questioned on its ability to reduce discrimination among the races, a huge difference can be seen as compared to the ea rlier years. In fact, Rabe (2001) insists that affirmative action should not be abandoned on the basis of it not being able to shun all forms of discrimination in the society. In the event that the affirmative action allows the black race improve their economic ability through leveling the employment protocols, it is possible that in the long run, the blacks will be accredited in the society (Rabe, 2001 Collins, 1993 Sitkoff, 1981). In his work, Rabe (2001) continues to argue that in the case of admission to universities, the affirmative a

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