Friday, April 26, 2019

Program facilitator Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Program facilitator - Essay ExampleAmong the possible opponents to the plan to thin out fleshiness among children are fast fare shops like McDonalds and KFC among others. Obviously, fast forages that also imply junk food materials are among the major causes of obesity among children. To curb or reduce the prevalence of the condition, the program has to encourage minify consumption and proper advertisement of fast food materials (Bombak, 2014). Discouraging consumption of fast food materials among children and campaigns against jerry-built television adverts about the food go away work to threaten the business fast food shops. prosperity of the program to reduce obesity will mean that children and other victims of obesity will consider cut back their rates of consumption of fast food, which will in turn compromise performance of fast food businesses.Businesses and individuals dealing in online and written characterization games are also potential opponents to the program to reduce obesity among children of 6-17 years old. Generally, video games have proved to usurp greatest part of time of children and sparing them bound time to engage in physical activities (Etow, 2012). Program to reduce obesity among the children of 6-17 years will include discouragement and call to reduce time spent on playing video games. If successful, dealers in video games will experience sharp decline in consumption of their products.To address opposition from dealers of video games, I would ask the producers to design games that limit playtime. For instance, instead of games that children can play the whole day, the proposed design should turn absent a game after a particular period like 2,3,4 or 5 hours. This will help regulate the time that children spend playing a particular

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