Saturday, April 27, 2019

Project evaluation report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Project evaluation report - Essay display caseIn the past few years the online traffic and e-commerce platforms have changed traditional business practices. The new online business arrangements are becoming more reliable and simple to use to attract a large payoff of people for online shopping and deals. In this scenario, the web based platforms are offering an excellent support for up(a) the quality of traditional business working and operations (Dix et al., 2003 Turban et al., 2005 Whitten et al., 2000). This report presents a detailed compendium of a new web turn up idea. This website is about presenting multimedia material for public. The basic idea of this website is to develop an e-commerce business. This website will strike a wide variety of contents which can be viewed and downloaded by the website users. This report covers an evaluation of a web site http// This report will present an analysis of some of the important web site features and aspects. This report will also assess aims, targets, requirements, and design and application level aspects of http// Aim and Objectives The word multimedia is composed of two words in which Multi denotes a lot of and Media denotes presentation of any form of information. So we can say that multimedia is exhibition of some form of information in any format. ... In this scenario, interactive multimedia can also encompass many forms of multimedia including graphics, text, animation, video and sound in the way we want (Brown & Hurt, 2004 Net Industries, 2011 Wenger, 2008). Moreover, the multimedia is mostly used in the entertainment and the fine humanistic discipline inductor. In addition, it is extensively used in movies and animations. However, the production of the video games also involves extensive usage of the multimedia. Additionally, the grooming sector has also started recently making use of the multimedia technology for the let on information sales pitch and learning. In fact, all the industries and businesses are now increasing the heavy use of the multimedia technology that provides serve to present information to their shareholders and coworkers. In this scenario, they use multimedia technology for advertising, offering worker training, and selling products to the unit world with virtually limitless internet-based technologies (Brown & Hurt, 2004 Net Industries, 2011 Wenger, 2008). Figure No 1- Digital Multimedia source http// Thus, seeing the increasing use of this technology in all the fields of life we have decided to instrument a multimedia website. This website will offer online multimedia support and material. This website will be named http// The major aims and objective of this website development is to offer following major multimedia contents Online multimedia support Online Pictures Online e-cards Online poems Online music Blogs The preceding(prenominal) multimedia contents will offer us a great deal of capability to better start an online

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