Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Research Paper Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results Essay

Research theme Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results - Essay ExampleSampling method Sample shtup be defined as the representative group of the population. The sample size of the study was 3, 639. Two types of sampling method were used to select cases for the survey. In the first phase, a few colleges of different stated of the ground forces were selected by applying quota sampling and subsequently the respondents were selected at random without any bias from those selected colleges.can, as the term suggests, comport only one possible answer. Perhaps the most typical of these is the dichotomous question that has just twain possible options yes or no. Many attitudinal questions are single response in that respondents accommodate to favour where they sit on a predetermined scale. They have to choose one response code that reflects their thoughts. dual response questions allow the respondent to offer more than one answer to a question (Hague, 2004). reveal survey questi ons included whether the students had been prescribed or had used without a prescription(prenominal) medicine opioids, stimulants, sleeping aids (sedatives), or anxiety medicines. To determine if students abused drugs, the researcher relied on questions that asked whether the students had experienced drug-related problems give care engaging in irregular activities to obtain drugs, having withdrawal symptoms, or developing medical problems due to drug use.Questionnaire administration The questionnaire was sent to the selected colleges and later on the college authority made available the questionnaire on their college homepage and urged the students to take part in the survey. Analysis of information The data was analyzed using SPSS. The demographics of the respondents were analyzed. A distributing table of the data was created with data range. And afterwards, various tools of central tendency like mean, median were applied to the collected data. The null hypothesis of the stud y was College students using prescription drugs without a prescription are not prone to drug abuse and the alternate hypothesis was College students using prescription drugs without a prescription are prone to drug abuseFindingsAccording to the results of the survey, 59.9% of the cases reported that they medically used at least(prenominal) one of the four drugs with a prescription. About 20% of the respondents reported taking them without a prescription for non-medical reasons. 39.7% of the college students who took part in the survey reported that they had used the drugs only by prescription. 4.4% of the cases of the study reported to have used medications, but were not prescribed them. 15.8% of the respondents who participated in the web survey reported using both(prenominal) medications, both with and without prescriptions. The researcher also found that students who reported using drugs without prescriptions were more likely to screen positive for drug abuse compared to studen ts who never used them or who had only used them for medical reasons. The findings can be summed up as belowParentageExplanation59.9%Reported medically using at least one of t

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