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Final project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 5

Final project - Essay Example aggregate acquire curve represents the overall quantity of goods that are aimed at different price level. Second flummox that has been employed is IS-LM Model, and the third model is Keynesian modelThe concept of aggregate demand is that increase in total demand of products cause to increase the output that lead to the increased demand of labor. If the aggregate demand is lower it will cause to decrease the output and lead to decreased demand of labor (Anderton, 590). As in the case of United Kingdom economy is facing decrease in aggregate demand due to the financial crisis because this crisis made a significant impact over the purchasing power of people. muckle who have money are saving rather spending their money. This decrease in demand is conduct country towards decrease output, therefore, towards unemployment because firms working in the economy do not require workers to produce output. It has been find that uncertainty puffs cause to slow a tomic pile the demands. Therefore, economies have to face higher inflation rates. Such as in United Kingdom, the financial crisis showed huge uncertainty in the financial market that slow down the demand of goods market and final result occurred in lower economic growth and increased unemployment rate. For example, the 2008 financial shock rock-bottom the purchasing power of households. By using the right of postponing the purchases, households forced the firms to reduce the manufacturing and in result made delays in new hiring and increased firings of employees that contributed in high unemployment rate. The uncertainty increased the unemployment from the year of 2009 to 2013 in United Kingdom and now the effects are slowing down (Leduc & Liu, 1-30).Increase in the heavy demand of labor is high this time as compared to prior shocks of 1981. This is because this time the zero lower jump out restrained the monetary policy on the nominal interest rate. As it has been observed tha t uncertainty shocks reduced the

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