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A rose for emily by Faulkner Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

A rose for emily by Faulkner - Research Paper ExampleSince the story takes place in the 1930s, the authorities was not very serious in investigating matters affecting the society. Immoral acts took place in the presence of government watch. However, the government has changed its ways of operation since the 1900s. It has include inclusion of the intelligence service that gathers data before an atrocity has happened. The story symbolizes the failure of the society to accept change occurring and uses Emily as he symbol to check immorality in the society. According to Faulkner after the war, the southerners resisted to change by clinging to their past instead of adopting the new ways and techniques of doing things. This led to the reconstruction era in the get together Sates history where the rebellious Southerners were helped to get out of slavery. This act reveals many societies in our day-to-day life. Up to date, there are increased populations of the Black Americans in the South ern Sates of the United States increased due to rebellious citizens. Some communities currently prefer to personal identification number to their outdated ways, cultural beliefs and customs. In the story of A rose for Emily, is a symbol of the inner circle of development. ... This is evident when the writer says, Only now Miss Emilys house was left, lifting its stubborn and coquettish decay above the cotton wagons and flatulency pump-a eyesore among eyesores (Faulkner 9). The statement reveals that the south had been living in the dark without technology or new ideas or ways of doing things. The dark moments in the society are reflected in the story of A Rose for Emily, when Emily decides to lock herself inside the house after her grows death. Emily behaves in a way that surprises her societies members who had come pay respect to her dead father but instead of being in a mourning state she acts as if nothing had happened. She then reveals the dark side moment of the town race wh en she intentionally refuses to pay taxes and refers people as a man who has been dead for ten years (Faulkner 10). The societies are less concerned about the issue and she does no go to jail. In comparison to the present world, operation is taken to the individuals who neglect paying the taxes. The town people do not take any action because is a reflective symbol of society and its old and unenlightened ways of handling issues concerning the society and its economy. These acts reflect how the society is not ready to let go of the wicked old ways. The story also reflects the old day practices by overlooking on the issue of house numbers and mailboxes are being utilize and issued in town. Emily refuses to have them and plans to stick to the old malpractices. Moreover, when the next generation starts ruling over the town with their modern ideas, the issue creates dissatisfaction to some individuals within the society. Some of the southerners stick to the old south ideas. This is evi dent where Emily is giving China painting lessons to the children most

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