Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Case analysis for enterprise rent-a-car Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Analysis for enterprise u-drive - Case Study ExampleBy the end of 2010, the enterprise had grown bigger, and became the largest nonpublic car rental enterprises with 6,000 rental locations and 850,000 rental cars in service. Since 1994, the enterprise has been the leading car rental company and by the year 2010, it accounted for almost half of the gondola rental market with its competitor being Hertz (Busse and Swinkels 2).In order to maximize its profits and ensure quality services to its customers, the Human Resource plane section decided to employ more employees, most of them being university graduates than any other car rental company (Burns 90). This enables the enterprise to compete other companies since these graduate employees were intent oriented, had good problem solving skills, had good communication and leadership skills, had good customer and sales service skills, they were flexible, and ensured a well-built work ethnic. However, in order to start out its employees , the company offered an opportunity to develop well-paying careers, if they showed the efforts of working hard and willing to learn new skills. The new trainees earned approximately $35,000 per annum including overtime allowances. However, the Human resource heed ensured that the hardworking employees received promotions to better positions and this made the company to appear in the BusinessWeek top fifty places to launch your career consistently (Burns 90).Secondly, all the branches of enterprise rent-a-car typically started their operations at 730 a.m. to 600p.m. This enables the enterprise to serve a large number of customers since the allocated working hours were the working hours for the customers. The company could, for instance, bring forth customers to their work location and back home in the evening (Busse and Swinkels 3). The Human Resource staffed offices with the adequate number of employees to manage the allocated fleet of cars.

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