Friday, June 14, 2019

Forrest Gumps and Michael Herrs Depictions of the Vietnam War Essay

Forrest Gumps and Michael Herrs Depictions of the Vietnam War - Essay ExampleForrest Grump and Michael Herr depict the Vietnam War in much or less the same way although the former portrays the events more lightly. Michael Herr who was a writer in his twenties was a correspondent for the Esquire Magazine. The deuce major trading operations covered in the book are the siege of KheSahn and recapture of Hue that was the old capital of Vietnam. He happens to meet many soldiers and other correspondents in the work at of gathering information about their experiences. Herr favors field work over tasks at Saigon that is relatively safer but the reality of the matter is that all Vietnam is unsafe. The enemy dominates the atmosphere with sounds of explosions and trench mortar attacks and bombs that go off all over the city (Knopf para. 1). The Vietnam War reaches the peak during the Tet offensive that started in January 30th, 1968 and from which it was named. A short time before Tet, the op eration of taking hold KheSahn begins on 21st January and ends in April 1968. Herr got to Khe Sahn by mode of a helicopter which is the primary transportation mode in the time of war. Here he encounters two marines with whom he shares a bunker. The two are Mayhew and Day Tripper along with others. The author gives a description of how the North Vietnamese Army besieges the base and domiciliation ditches in preparation for a big operation. E verybody expects them to make a huge assault after they probe the fence regularly at night and marines appoint flares that are mortar-fired. The NVA, however, surprises by leaving the area quickly after the airstrikes take a bigger toll than anticipated (Knopf para. 2). Herr tells stories of the marines some of which are bizarre and others very touching. He portrays a deep sense of admiration for the troops that are fighting a dangerous war in a dangerous country. He also portrays the propaganda happening in the country but this time with less admiration.

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