Sunday, June 9, 2019

SCHOLARLY ARTICLE JOURNAL SUMMARY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

SCHOLARLY ARTICLE JOURNAL SUMMARY - Essay Examplethough there be differences between the variables of ethnicity and race, the variable of ethnicity suffers from the same problems that are attributed to race. Furthermore, in modern real societies ethnicity has taken on racist tones with the argument that cultural racism is replacing the traditional notions of racism based on biology or color of individuals. This increased divisions in society based on ethnic lines enhances the entailment of the ethnicity variable.Ethnic divisions in society are not any different from the other divisions of society and do not exist in isolation in a society. Exclusion of nonage ethnic groupings is a regular feature and the exclusion stems from innate features of the ethnic groups than on any other factors and the disadvantage that these minority groups face is looked upon as an essential problem with the culture of the group. Examples of this lie in the position of African Americans in the U.S.A. a nd the Aboriginal people in Australia. An understanding of the rudimentary factors involved on the issue of sociology of ethnicity and health is by looking at them from four perspectives.The increase in life span experienced in the developed world has brought with it issues of chronic illness and impairment to society. Providing care for the chronically ill or those with impairments has caught the attention of society, through the assessment of how best their needs like mundane physical labor involved in their care needs to be addressed. Emerging information from studies conducted indicate that while the needs of the white community are taken care of, there is less importance given to the needs of the minority ethnic communities that exits in these developed societies. The Bangladeshis in British society render a clear example of this lack of stress on minority communities. Bangladesh was a part of the British colonial world and economic conditions in the province led to migrati on to Britain, but they came

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