Thursday, July 25, 2019

Balance in the Administration of Justice and Security Essay

Balance in the Administration of Justice and Security - Essay Example This is because of the change in technology and new laws that aid in balancing the two. New laws have been formed and implemented in order to protect the rights of citizens while still offering them security. Some of these laws include different and less torturous methods of punishing the offenders. There have also been several changes in the constitution. Many rights have been included in the constitution in order to maintain peace by creating a stable balance. Mass media and technology have helped in the balance. The issues concerning legal environment have been enacted in the constitution in order to grant citizens justice and security. Balance is very important in all the countries in order to maintain peace and order. Introduction The introduction of new laws and policies has helped in the evolution of justice and security in the 21st century. Many countries have established new policies that govern how civil and criminal activities are handled. The countries have also increased surveillance in order to minimize such cases. For example, the United States government has formed an anti terrorist act in order to prevent crime. The people working in the law enforcement and security sides have to make sure that they are not abusing the rights of victims or criminals while working on their cases. Justice should be a natural right. In social environment, justice must be natural. The actions of the police have to be in relation to this statement. Their role in the system has to be governed by this goal of the justice system. Justice involves digging deep down into the issue in order to deliver justice. In order for police to administer justice, they have to take no sides whenever investigating an issue. Selflessness will assist them in maintaining law and order (Alexander, 2003). They should have passion in their doing in order to achieve this. According to the constitution the police should present service of justice with loyalty. Before, the police used to admin ister justice in the favor of the rich and wealthy. Very few wealthy people used to be arrested or even sent to jail. With the new laws and policies that have evolved in the 21st century, the administration of justice by the police is based on the balance of justice and security. The rich are at a low risk of going to jail unlike the poor people. This has been so because the rich are able to hire top lawyers. In very few cases we hear the rich people in our communities go to jail. They are always given the lowest charges. For example, many celebrities all over the world are found with many illegal commodities like guns and drugs. Most of these celebrities are charged with the shortest term in jail. On the other hand, the poor people are the ones who are punished more. This is because they are not able to pay lawyers like the rich. This was the case in the past few years. Even if some of these cases still exist, the evolution of the balance in the administration of justice has helped minimize these cases. All governments now have lawyers who represent the poor people in the community. The poor are now able to express themselves in a court of law. Torture which was one of the main methods that the police used in many countries was abolished. Torture was seen as the quickest means of obtaining information from people. By doing so, they made sure that justice was

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