Monday, July 29, 2019

Marketing Communications Coursework assignment

Marketing Communications Coursework - Assignment Example The factors are essential in identifying the motives of buyers and isolating the target market. Scholars refer to the five aspects as the Five M’s of Advertising. The Farmer is a television-advertising run by RAM using the Richards Agency situated in Dallas. Jimmy Bonner from Creative Group directed the advert while Paul Nelson was the producer. Most advertising managers find difficulty in comprehending consumers within appropriate strategic levels. Furthermore, they find it difficult to apply collected information in developing and creating alternative stands. However, putting using the means-end technique increases awareness on the factors that motivate consumers. The effectiveness of this approach is that it factors goals valued by people relating them to the qualities and features of the product in question. To evaluate RAM’s Farmer, this discourse applies the MECCAS framework. This model analyses a laddering model that is a specific interviewing aspect used by marketing communication consultants to unravel values attached by people on products. The approach is that laddering interviews fit into the means-end approach that the Meccas model applies during analysis. Differentiation does not constitute the only factor that facilitates selling of a product. The desirability of a product or a service depends on the connection that consumers have with their perception towards the same good or service. It is important to mention that the means-end approach is significant because of its ability to identify essential factors that motivat e consumers to buy goods and services. In addition, the model explains the relationship between the consumer’s motives and their attributes to products or service in market. Marketing communication consultants use market research in determining the goals of an advertising campaign in their marketing

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