Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Mobile Application for City Target Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Mobile Application for City Target - Case Study Example E-commerce is an area that has grown tremendously. People can carry out transactions online. Various businesses have gone online for a number of reasons. First and foremost, e-commerce provides one with a platform to reach a larger customer base. A customer can purchase items from a different country from the comfort of their couch. This is made easier by the fact that internet users can access the internet from their mobile phones. For this reason then, it is crucial for businesses to create an online mobile application system that will ensure quality service provision to the customer. City Target is a state street store that deals with a range of products amongst them food, clothes and other household items (ABC, p.1). Through an online business system, the store is set to increase its profit margin. Through the use of a mobile application system, the store stands a better chance of easily reaching more of its customer. Specifically, looking at the professional clothes sale, the st ore can implement several options that can contribute to better service delivery. Online clothes shopping can prove to be challenging since a shopper has to take into considerations many things. Unlike physically shopping for clothes, with online shopping, a customer cannot try out the clothes to see whether they fit well or determine the material’s texture and whether it is to their liking. ... e anytime and anywhere, directly sending advertising and promotional information, better in-store navigation and enhancing customers’ ability to browse order and pay for products using their mobile phones (GS1 MobileCom 9). In shopping for clothes online, web applications have managed to support only basic functions. Some of the problems that a customer experiences include poor fit, mismatch of color and bad drape. This has an adverse effect on the business since the customer will be hesitant to buy a product next time because of dissatisfaction (Beck, p.1). Physically, these problems are catered for through the use of mannequins. Thanks to technological advancement, web applications have been manipulated to counter this problem. These applications cater for garment design, sizing and pattern derivation (Cordier 1). One such application is the 3D graphics technology. This technology offers a range of interactive operations. A shopper is able to adjust a 3D mannequin according to their body’s measurement, select and try different garment items and resize the garment to a mannequin. Furthermore, the application offers real time simulation with respect to garment movement. One store that has successfully used this application is Fits.Me clothes store. Through the store’s virtual room, shoppers are able to create a robotic mannequin with their dimensions and use it to fit clothes (Apparel, p.1). As a result, the company has increased its new customers’ sales by 57% (Fits.Me, p.1). By integrating such an application, City Target is assured of increasing its market base as it offers quality service to its customer. Secondly, City Target could also apply artificial intelligence systems. These systems are created to operate as human intelligence. They are similar to

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