Saturday, July 27, 2019

Not sure yet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Not sure yet - Essay Example rg) who are believers of the Marxist ideology, thus the maoist are practitioners of dialectic materialism; a theory which abhors capitalism and condemns private ownership of businesses (Marxist Internet Archive). The situation in Nyland is a power tussle between the existing democratic government and the moist who are gradually gaining power. Domestic terrorism is widely prevalent in Nyland and this is a serious threat to GEIL’s business interest in the region. The forthcoming elections in Nyland will be a deciding factor for determination of GEIL’s continued existence in Nyland. In event of success of maoist party in the forthcoming elections; the likely hood of development of an unfavorable business environment seems highly predictable. The threats to GEIL’s business interest in Nyland have already become evident due to some recent events. There have been reported cases of staff members being intimidated by political activists which has caused wide spread fear among staff members resulting in decreased productivity and rise in attrition rate. The local management at Nyland has reported receiving request from local goons for donations in exchange of protection; this has further accentuated the situation creating a feeling of insecurity throughout the organization. There have also been reports of militants infiltrating the unions; this news is particularly distressing as it may lead to worsening of the business environment which may result in a situation where management may cease to have any form of control over workers and staff members. In view of the situation it seems highly feasible that top management of GEIL seriously consider the future of its enterprise in Nyland. Under prevailing circumstances the need for the CEO to visit Nyland is justifiable since important decisions have to be made regarding the future of GEIL in Nyland. The company will have to make key strategies with regards to its investments in Nyland with due consideration of the

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