Friday, August 23, 2019

3 global economics online reasarch questions Assignment

3 global economics online reasarch questions - Assignment Example It offers technical and knowledge assistance through policy analysis and research. There are some barriers to achieve this goal. Violence against women, child marriages, and early pregnancy are major barriers. Then poverty is also a major reason behind unequal education mainly at the secondary school level. Also, women are demoted to go for more conciliatory forms of employment like spending hours fetching water. Another barrier is lack of sanitation facilities in many schools which resist the girls to attend the schools. 3. The hearing signifies the important role Fed has played in facilitating maximum employment, stable inflation, and a well-grounded financial system. Specifically, the deepest recession of the past six years led by the financial crisis was intelligibly handled by Fed and the result is a stronger American economy in the today’s era with the boost in production, sales, and employment, and the price stability. Though, unemployment is still yet to drop down to its initial level and inflation is yet to rise up to the targeted level of 2 percent. Fed’s monetary policy has been effective to help it move towards these goals. The transparency of Fed to transmit its goal of 2-percent inflation has helped anchor the publics expectations of stable inflation in future. Fed has also overcome the weaknesses of our financial system of which resulted the worst ever crisis. Now the regulatory gaps are closed, capital requirements have been improved, and banks hold more capital and liqu id assets to reduce any potential threat of another financial crisis. However, there is still a long way to go and Fed is considering the goal of financial stability more earnestly as an important part of its monetary

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