Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Human Resource Management - Essay Example This model considers the external environment and the stakeholders as important determinants of the human resource policies in organisations. The policies would result in effective human resource outcomes pertaining to commitment, cost effectiveness and competence (D’Annunzio & Duncan, 2009, p.26). This approach is seen to bear relevance in the case of Cafe Co. with regard to its policies and criteria while recruiting of candidates. Candidates were selected according to merits befitting the organisation. The soft HRM policies also get reflected through the company’s attempt to enhance values of openness, recognition, trust, people development, teamwork, enthusiasm, fairness, courtesy and communication. Also the HR practices introduced were primarily meant to attain employee loyalty as there was a very high staff turnover. The soft human resource practices which treats employees as competitive assets of the company is demonstrated by Cafe Co’s considering the low minimum wages as one of the prime factors behind high employee turnovers. Hard human resource management seeks to achieve organisational goals. Just like another resource, they also need to be managed. It requires aligning the human resource strategies with the organisational strategies. The hard management argues that HR strategies must be developed to achieve organisational goals through managerial control and maintaining of performance. The new approach developed by Cafe Co. Aimed to achieve such organisational goals by the adoption of best practices. The hard HR practices also get reflected through the fact that Cafe Co. introduced methods of associating performance with organisation goals. The organisational structures were also well defined. The practices of communication, empowerment, training and involvement were meant to improve the bottom line performance and demonstrate the company’s emphasis on hard HR strategies. The primary aim of implementing the best practices strategy was to ensure that the human resources practice con tribute towards taking the business forward. Moreover, the development of performance management system demonstrates the company’s attempt towards development of scientific practices for measuring the employee’s performance. Through this system, the combined objectives of colleagues and their development needs were addressed. This was done in terms of increasing their technical skills and knowledge and also their behavioural skills. The system was implemented considering the firms’ objectives and constantly reviewing the performance for ensuring that they met those objectives. Regular feedback was delivered to the employees on the basis of which training and development programs were developed. Answer to Question no: 2 Line managers play the critical role of the delivery of HR practices and policies. They are primarily concerned with the issues relating to resourcing, preparation, performance manageme nt and international development (Dickmann, 2008, p.15). They are responsible for interpreting and implementing HR practices which have direct influence over people’s discretionary behaviours and motivation levels, which consequently affects the business performance. The importance of using human resource activities by line managers is that they remain in direct

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