Friday, August 23, 2019

Native Americans and early Euro-American settlers Essay

Native Americans and early Euro-American settlers - Essay Example The evidence is very clear in the presence of Christianity across the areas invaded by the Euro- American settlers. The discovery by Columbus in 1942 is a benchmark for the massive invasion by the early European settlers that would dominate the North American continent for several centuries (Fraser 37). Despite the manifestation of Christianity in various denominations, it once faced acceptance challenges amongst many North American natives. The differences in the denominations were very significant surrounded by the need for land, which increased the enmity between the Native Americans and the European settlers group. The Native Americans within the today’s United States boundaries inclusive of the people of Hawaii, and Alaska belongs to numerous tribal and ethnic groups some of which in intact political societies. The traditional Native ceremonies are still in practice in some bands and tribes alongside old theological beliefs. The use of sweet grass, tobacco, sweat lodge ceremonies and prayers in ancient phonologies are also common amongst some people in the current society. There is also the presence of the Native American church, which comprises of both Christianity elements alongside ancient spiritual practices. The presence of these practices all along to today’s society signifies strong religious beliefs and resistance to change offered by the Native American people (Kozlowski and Weber 102). The Native American religion brings along great complexity that is difficult to explain. The presence of many tribes is a profound factor alongside the verbal expression of religious principles from one generation to the other. Beliefs amongst the several tribes were different though they form a convergence at one point by sharing the major aspects. The religion amongst major tribes had a great focus on nature where animals, landscape, plants and majority of environmental elements that contribute greatly in the religious

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