Monday, August 12, 2019

The Multiple Benefits of Dual Language Assignment

The Multiple Benefits of Dual Language - Assignment Example Educators realize that dual language programs are the best way to go about this. Although according to the authors the legislation is flawed because it compares this years students with last years and it also does not give a timeframe. Thomas and Collier found that in the Houston, Texas, Independent School District the English learner students scored more highly than those in a transitional bilingual program. What they also discovered is that the scores for native speaking English students were also higher than those in the mainstream system. As a bonus, these English speaking students also scored higher in their chosen foreign language than those learning in standalone programs. Not only did students score higher grades, but they also picked up another language at the same time. Thomas and Collier found that native speakers who were in dual language programs saw improvements in both their native language and second language. This shows that the programs are effective in equipping students with the right skills to succeed. Native English speaking students can get just as much out of the programs as English learners

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