Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Classification of My Classmates Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Classification of My Classmates - Essay Example The students in the category sometimes may drop out of school and rarely make it official. However, there is also a group that consistently attends classes but do not attain good scores. This group fails because they do not put attention to what is being taught or do not revise their work or do their assignments seriously. The question we might ask, are underachievers naturally possessing low achievement capacity? To me, it is a big no. This is because to enter in college there are minimum qualifications that must be attained, you cannot attain this score if you do not have the potential to succeed. Underachievement result from misplaced priorities or being in the wrong course. Some students end up in courses that they do not like because of pressures from parents or relatives. This group feels demoralized because imagine Engineer seating in a medicine class! To him, everything that is taught here makes no sense to him. This makes him lose motivation and determination. There are also those whose priorities are misplaced; they take more time in entertainment and very minimal time in academic work. Most of their time is spent either in bars drinking or traveling to pay a visit to family and friends. I can say most of these colleagues are gifted underachievers that Kim (234) is talking about. The second category is that of average achievers. Students in this category are just determined to complete their courses and get out of college. Mostly, they study because of examinations and tests. They attend lessons not because they like but because they know their success is tied to the content of lectures. If an opportunity avails itself they do not attend lectures. Those in this category do not struggle to get very high marks but just struggle to get average marks. This is the group lecturers target when motivating students to strive to get high scores. They always hand in their assignments just in time.        Ã‚  

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