Tuesday, September 24, 2019

DOM and its impact on web development techniques Essay

DOM and its impact on web development techniques - Essay Example DOM level 2 was introduced in 2000. The level has event model and supports XML namespaces and CSS. DOM level 3 is the current DOM specifications release published in 2004. It has added additional features for XPath, Keyboard event handling, and serialization interface for documents like XML. DOM level 4 is currently in the process of being developed. As at 2005, majority of the W3C DOM were effectively supported through common browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6, Mozilla, Firefox, and Opera (Koch, 2001). To produce documents like HTML page, majority of the web browsers internal DOM model. The nodes of documents are arranged in DOM tree structure, with the document object being the topmost node. When HTML page is opened in browsers; the HTML is downloaded into the local memory, and automatically displays the page on the screen (Guisset, 2009). DOM supports all navigation directions and allows arbitrary modifications; hence implementation buffers documents that are

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