Monday, September 16, 2019

Learning English Essay

Life long learning is the concept that it is never too soon or too late for learning. Lifelong learning is attitudinished that one should be open to the new ideas, decisions, skills or behaviours. English is neccessity of life and the same as lifelong learning when you want to live in the real world; English is very important and neccessity in your life. For example, when I was young I could not speak any language and then after I grew up my parents, my teachers; they tried to teach Thai language to me because they knew if I cannot understand Thai language it would be very difficult to live with another people when I grew up where I studied my teacher taught English to our students because he knew English is very important in the world, but I did not know why at that time I did not study hard. Sometime, English was boring; this is the reason why I did not have interest to study it, perhaps I think, I am lazy and it is not good for me. English is important key to success. If you want to do anything in the world such as, to study, to do your business, to make a new friends, to go aboard etc. Especially when you go aboard to study another course. It is teach in English and then when you graduate and want to get a good job, it is very important for you to do anything in your business. You can use it to make new friends from all over the countrys in the world for your business. It has an adventure over than somebody cannot use English. Your business has a good chance for your success. The real world has a lot of business competitors if you cannot use English maybe you get someone who want to do business with you and may decieve you and then your business may fail or bankrupt. Whatever English enlightens us about how to succeed in the real world eventually I want to study English, but according to my chance when I live in India. My disere is simutnious about studying English and to write research proposal an apply to study in some course at the university because i will hope it would be good for me to improve my English and I will finish maybe it has been good. When I have finished. I will get a good job and I can communicate or contact with foriegners who give a good chance and good work for me. Though I will achieve good things or bad experiences but I think, English is meaningful and worthwhile to study. I will want to study all the time, it cannot stop to learn probably if i will study for a long time, it will help me to succeed in anything. I am hopeful it can improve my life although it is very difficult and very complicated for me, but I will want to try and study. It  has worthiness or worthless it depends on you. If you think and do in the right way it is good for you and anybody, but on the other hand it is good for you only and then it can destroy someone.

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