Thursday, September 26, 2019

Men in Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Men in Nursing - Essay Example Though there is historic evidence of males in care-giver roles, the female domination of the nursing profession started as early as150 years ago when Florence nightingale became a role model for dedicated nurse (Anthony 2004). Infact, the nursing profession gained its importance since then because of efficient training, practice of good hygiene, emphasis on environment, careful data collection and analysis, high standards of character and good performance (Anthony 2004). Similar to the Nightingale model was the European religious sisterhoods model, which came after the Nightingale school and further extended the female domination of the profession. Thus nursing profession came to be viewed as those services provided by kind, caring, subordinate, nurturing, domestic, humble and self-sacrificing women (Anthony 2004). Men were not considered for the role of a nurse because they were perceived to be strong, aggressive and dominant (Anthony 2004) and did not fit into the role model of nur se. It is an obvious fact that the registered nursing force should reflect the diversity of the population they serve (Sherrod 2005). However, the trend does not seem to be so. Infact, females are 9 times more recruited than women (Sherrod 2005). The concept of nursing as a female profession came into vogue due to the popular Nightingale and European sisterhoods schools. But the true fact is that men have been care-givers since much before that. The priests and their assistants who were delivering health care in the form of herbal remedies and incantations in the ancient civilization were infact males. Similar services have been described in the Bible (Mosaic laws), Persian and Babykon literature, Greek literature, also (Anthony 2004). The role of male nurses has been described in the military and civil wars also (Anthony 2004). In the post- Nightingale era, men

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