Monday, September 23, 2019

Police science (LCN) La cosa Nostra (the MOB) paper Essay

Police science (LCN) La cosa Nostra (the MOB) paper - Essay Example The influence of this syndicate is so strong that it has not been overcome yet. In many cities of the United States of America several criminal organizations pay tax to La Cosa Nostra, so that they can easily be able to do their own criminal activities. With the help of dummy firms the organization controls many businesses including textiles, food and garbage business. Organized Crime is a self perpetuating and continuing conspiracy used by groups that are hierarchical. The organized crime groups maintain their status with the help of violence and corruption of public officials.(Albini, 1997) These groups have extended their criminal activities into areas such as technological espionage, smuggling of drugs and the financial market manipulation. The greatest organized criminal threat to the American people is from La Coas Nostra. There are four Italian organized crime groups behind LCN, active in the U.S.A. are the Sicilian Mafia, Sacra Corona Unita, Ndrangheta and Camorra. In 1960's the members of these organized crime groups migrated to America and linked themselves with the LCN. (Jeffers, 2002) They got the permission of doing heroin trade in the country. Since then they became a part of the criminal operations of La Cosa Nostra. The major threat to the United States of America posed by organized crime groups which centers around their money laundering and drug trafficking activities. The Italian Organized Crime groups cooperate regularly with other international OC groups in many criminal activities. Their links extend to Asia, parts of Europe, North America, South America and Australia. These groups have been active in heroin trade for years and they were the early importers of drugs into the country. These groups are also collaborated with the drug cartels of Colombia. Evolution of La Cosa Nostra The Mafia has transformed itself according to the requirements and conditions of contemporary society. Since the 1980s, it has transformed itself into a hierarchical organization. This has been done to improve efficiency and effectiveness of various criminal enterprises. (Downey, 2004) The rapid proliferation of narcotics in the 1980s and 1990s was attributed towards the creation of a new Mafia model. La Cosa Nostra has developed extensive relationships and networks with other organized criminal groups. This helps criminal enterprises to coordinate and integrate their efforts. It also prevents the detection of criminal activity by law enforcement agencies. (Porello, 2006) Thus the La Cost Nostra can harmonize its efforts in the multifaceted distribution of manual labor which is required to execute complex criminal initiatives and endeavors. Also in the current decade, the Mafia has moved into cyberspace. This is because the Internet offers an endless stream of criminal opportunities. The anonymity and ease of cyberspace provides a convenient ground to engage in intricate criminal activities. The exchange of information and knowledge has been made easy due to the advent of the Internet. Identity threat, fraudulent activities, and scams can easily be employed using the Internet. Future of La Cosa Nostra Globalization and information technology have been powerful social and economic trends that have revolutionized human society. The future of the La Cosa Nostra will

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