Friday, September 13, 2019

Should we place condom machines on campus in the resident halls Essay

Should we place condom machines on campus in the resident halls - Essay Example College should be just as life is i.e. a matter of survival of the fittest. The best students will rise above the temptation to go out and party on Saturday night where there is an exam on Monday morning. The ones who do not and fall to the temptations that life has to offer will suffer accordingly. It is a simple matter to consider college to be a test for real life and putting condom machines in the residence hall may only serve as a part of the test. Of course, there is also a positive side to placing condoms in residence halls. The likelihood of students falling behind in class due to being absent as they treat any STDs or unwanted pregnancies is certainly reduced. Easy access to condoms would mean that prevention from such accidents could be provided to the individuals who engage in risky behavior. Thus, not only would the temptation be there for students to have sex and skip class and thus weed out those students who would rather not be at class, the issue of students missing class due to their sex life would also be largely eliminated. Undoubtedly, the moral brigade and religious fanatics might be up in arms about providing easy access to condoms for students. They may even suggest the course of advising students to ‘abstain’ and try to show that abstinence is the right way to go to prevent any problems but the reality of the matter is quite different. No matter what is said and done, students are going to have sex in college much as they have had sex since the first universities were formed. To try and prevent this simply by giving them lectures on abstinence or by removing their access to condoms is a fantastical idea. What can be done should be done and in this case, it simply becomes a matter of commonsense to encourage students to use condoms. It must be remembered that students are not being encourage to make their dorm rooms a scene from a Roman orgy but only to practice safe sex if and when they have it. To take away

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