Saturday, September 7, 2019

Working Conditions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Working Conditions - Assignment Example The usual theme is having cigarettes adds masculinity to men and attract more women. It can be linked to social bonds. Some examples of songs depicting cigarettes are My Cigarette and I, Smoke Rings, Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room, Pass that Peace Pipe and many more. The songs appealed to the mass that caused the increasing popularity of cigarettes way before the billboard advertisements like Joe Camel and Marlboro Man (Cooper and Haney, 1999). It is not only used as a status symbol because of its medical uses. In the form of powder, aqueous solution, ointment and extracts, tobacco was then used to treat tetanus, lack jaw, oedema, spastic dysuria, neurosis, constipation, smoke enemas and arsenic poisoning (Haustein and Groneberg, 2010). Despite of the popularity of cigarette and tobacco, it remains a public health enemy number one because it is the leading cause of death in the United States. Consuming cigarettes causes several diseases like cardiovascular diseases, cancer of the lungs, respiratory ailments such as bronchitis and emphysema and other forms of cancer like laryngeal, oral and stomach cancers (Schneider, 2011). In line with the negative health effects of cigarette smoking, several efforts had already been done in the United States. In 1971 the tobacco ads had been banned by the Congress along the airways while in 1984 the Smoking Education Act had been passed together with four strongly worded cigarette warnings in advertisements and cigarette packages. In 1986 the Comprehensive Smokeless Tobacco Health Education Act had been passed (Pampel, 2009). Since then California is the state that adapted some specific measures to manage the risk of cigarette smoking then followed by New York in 2003. The smoking law in New York was signed by Coy. George E. Pataki which includes many strict measures but with exemptions like licensed cigar bars in New York City, America-Indian-owned

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