Thursday, October 17, 2019

Cause and Effect essay on The MIsfit in A good Man is Hard To FInd

Cause and Effect on The MIsfit in A good Man is Hard To FInd - Essay Example The views expressed by The Misfit are not simple, though, and there are many factors in his life that have lead him to become the person that he is. To begin examining The Misfits views, we should start with the remote causes of the Misfits agnosticism. Growing up in the South, he would have grown up with a strong religious background. He even states that his parents were good people: â€Å"God never made a finer woman than my mother and my daddy’s heart was pure gold† (456). While it may be possible that The Misfit is being sarcastic or overly-patronizing, his brutal honesty throughout would seem to contradict this. At one point he states that he â€Å"was a gospel singer for a while† (457), furthering to depict The Misfit as a man with a strong religious background. Without a religious background in which The Misfit would have learned the religious views of Christianity, he wouldn’t have seen any contradictions inherent and would have no reason to be agnostic. As far as remote causes expressed, the first time that The Misfit makes a statement showing his less than believing nature can also be viewed as a remote cause. When the grandmother asks why he doesn’t pray, the Misfit replies â€Å"I don’t need no hep†¦I’m doing all right by myself† (458). If The Misfit has no need for God, then there isn’t any need for him to try to make himself believe in something that he sees as contradictory, and this serves as an additional reason as to why The Misfit is agnostic. To move closer to the causes and effects of The Misfits agnosticism, we will need to discuss the contributory causes. These can be summed up by saying that The Misfit feels as though he has been wronged and life in general doesn’t seem to be fair or have a sense of justice. To illustrate this, The Misfit states that he â€Å"never was a bad boy that I remember of†¦but somewhere along the line I done something wrong and got sent to the penitentiary. I was buried alive† (457).

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