Friday, October 4, 2019

ETHICAL DECISIONS IN LEADERSHIP ( case study) Research Paper

ETHICAL DECISIONS IN LEADERSHIP ( case study) - Research Paper Example It is possible that an ill-considered decision could damage the employees’ perception of Lucy and compromise her future effectiveness as a manager. Lucy Matthews is time-bound to render her decision, which must be a choice of one of the candidates, and which shall necessarily exclude the other two, with any attendant consequences. In formulating the problem thus, attention is called to two things: first, the obligations and demands of the position, and second, the capability of the candidates to meet them. These are the primary and mandatory considerations which the decision shall have to address; they are so important such that if none of the three have the necessary capability to meet the duties of the position, then another candidate must be sought aside from them. It is only when these conditions are equally met by at least two of the candidates that other, secondary, factors may be weighed into the decision. It is possible for such a problem as this to get cluttered in the mass of information that has been presented. The evaluation should thus be directed by the main problem articulated in the prior section. Firstly, the facts that shall be presented support an evaluation of the mandatory considerations earlier mentioned, that is, the duties of the job and the capabilities of the candidates. Only if at least two equally suitable candidates are found will other facts be considered. Concerning the position to which the promotion shall be made, there is no indication in the case study of its particulars, but there are hints that: it is a middle management job, inasmuch as the three candidates are now on supervisory levels, and aspire to be moving higher; it is a marketing job, most likely the management of the team leaders, but who must be highly attuned to the tastes and preference of consumers who create demand for their product; finally inasmuch as

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