Sunday, November 10, 2019

My Community Internship Experience

The aim of this community internship program is for us to provide knowledge and practical experience necessary for functioning competently and effectively upon licensee in a health-system pharmacy. As a first year pharmacy student, I feel so nervous before entering into this kind of internship because I don't know what will happen when I'm into it and what will be the possible effect, but I'm really glad when I finished the required number of hours because all the hard work and sacrifices has paved off.During my internship period In MD-Rosary I experienced a lot Like organizing of drugs and arranging It to Its respective gondola, paper tabulating, dispensing, and more that Is not being practiced at the school. During our first day at MO-Rosaries they introduced to us the rules and regulations of the drugstore from the signing of DART before we leave and enter the store and also the body search overtime we leave the store, then after that Ma'am Carol showed the Rag area to us hen we s tarted copying the drugs In the Rag area after that we roam around and observed the whole drugstore.The next day we do the same thing as well, and we started copying each book from book 1 to 10 till the last day of our internship and we are always having an exam per book weekly. The best experience in this internship is when we were permitted to dispense drugs and at the same time we encounter different kinds of customers. I'm grateful that I finished this internship and learned a lot that will lead me too brighter future.

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